Quick mention…
those mason jar lights I had mentioned in my quest for pendant lights. The great lady at reclaimed lighting is offering any of myreaders 10% off if you email them at info@reclaimed lighting .com and mention my blog.
happy lighting!

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food for delivery?

my brother and sister-in-law recently had a baby with some health issues. they had a stay in the hospital for a time, and are now home with a baby with some special health concerns. i want to bring them some food. several casseroles and a couple desserts i think.

but, i don’t want to worry about my dishes back.
and they are a bit more particular about food then my family, they like different things.
and they have a 3 year old. i haven’t cooked for a 3 year old for years!
and i don’t have time.
and i have limited groceries.

well, i got up early this morning to make these tasty treats. my hubby suggested…”why don’t we bring them a take and bake pizza and breadsticks? they love pizza.”
ugh. yep, its perfect. thats what the plan is. but…i still think there is something
about bringing homemade food. that you take the time to make.
so, i wanted to keep on this post. and think about what would be perfect for the next time!

i think that disposable pans are the way to go. i can make the casserole in them, and deliver them.
these are cute and do the job beautifully…

these come in all different kinds of sizes–including muffins!

then i wanted to have a couple stand-by recipes for food delivery.
i personally think homemade-gourmet mac n chz is the ultimate comfort food.
this recipe is yum….

doesn’t that just look like it will cure any illness?
i realize that i won’t get any health points for this but, its about feeding the soul anyways?!?

and to serve with mac n chz…
cornbread muffins! i would add some real corn and a bit of chives to these…

now for dessert…something simple and sweet. and i think its time for something a bit more healthy?

i think fruit salad is sweet, tasty, healthy, and portable…

now wrap that all up in a cute little package with a pretty little tag

there you have my perfect meal for delivery…

gourmet mac and chz, cornbread muffins with corn and chives, and fresh fruit salad.

doesn’t that just scream GET BETTER to the sicky person?
well, in theory its a good idea. in reality, pizza is what my brother and his family is getting.
that still says love though i hope.

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armoire redo…

chapter 2 of the bedroom revamp.

so a few weeks ago i mentioned how my bedroom is always full of other stuff from the house.
i mentioned that in my hot pink life i want to have my bedroom become a haven for me and my man.
i also have doubts it can happen.
but i will try.
remember the picture of the style and feel i am shooting for? in case you forgot…

so first thing i need to address is the storage problem. we have a small, small walk-in closet and a dresser. that’s it. we need more storage.

first idea… repurpose a t.v. armoire we had used until we got a flat screen.
i don’t have a picture, it was ugly. black and boring. and looked cheap (it was)
i wanted to make it pretty…
something like this…

Bedroom armoire

then i can get my jewelry, makeup, shoes, and handbags from the closet. they are taking up precious real estate in there. so project #1 is…armoire redo!

i also propose under bed storage improvements.
old chest at end of bed utilized. or moved for something better.

1. i removed all the hardware.
2. i sanded down the cheap black wood stuff. i really don’t know what it was. it was cheap. and black.
3. first coat of a beigey, yellowy color. leftover from my kitchen cabinets.
4. sand down where necessary
5. second coat. that was enough, thank goodness!
6. gently sanded the edges and grooves to give it a worn, vintage look.
7. applied furniture stain. wiped off right away so it got into the grooves and edges. this increases the aged look.
8. put on the great little lion head pulls i had found. and rollers on the feet. ahhh rollers!
9. the interior was outfitted with additional shelves, cup hooks for jewelry, large hooks for purses, bins for makeup, and a mirror (for makeup application).
10. a full length mirror was installed on the outside.

final product. ignore the black interior. only you and me will ever see it.

close-up of the cute pulls…

how great is this! all from a old t.v. armoire that was about to see the dump.
okay, not as cute as the one for inspiration. but hey, i use it. nothing used ever stays looking like a magazine! but it does the job!

now just to make the top of it look cute! a nice topiary plant, a vintage window, maybe some artwork from my kids and it should be looking great!

this blog is linked to…


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treasure hunting

i got to go treasure hunting! for housey stuff.

two little places near me have occasional sales, once a month-three-day sales of amazingness!
because we are making our garage into my “girly cave/business office” i need to furnish it. cheap. and because it is me, as cute as possible! so, on my first day (i went again to the 10% off day on sunday) i picked up these things…

this chandelier is ridiculously cute, it cost me more then i think appropriate–$69.00
but, it will look great in Katie’s room with that new turqoise headboard!
loovvveee that color!

my favorite cupcake shop/gifty place uses chicken feeders (clean of course!) to hold rolls of ribbon. this will work great for my craft area in my new office!

i was looking at restoration hardware and rejuvenation for a reproduction industrial light. i ran across this instead… i swear this was the find of the day! i think i paid all of $39.00 for it-beat that reproductions! it will look great in the entry of my new office!

not really sure why i picked up these vintage checker pieces. i was thinking perhaps magnets for my board or simply sitting in a pretty bowl? who knows, maybe i will find the perfect table for a painted checkerboard top?

this little cabinet will work perfect for all the extra computer discs that ineveitably end up in an office. i don’t like the finish, but thats okay–for $8.00 i can paint it up and make it perfect!

i have a thing for wire baskets, milk crates, and old wooden crates. i love them for storage. i don’t feel bad about them being out–in fact i want to show them off! so, of course i picked up this old wire basket and milk crate ( i hate the fact that it was painted, oh well)…

okay, this lamp got me some flac when i got home. i couldn’t tell at first that the lamp was made from coffee filters. can you? anyways, i thought it looked great–at girly! i love it!
seriously, coffee filters—isn’t that great! i intend to copy this on a couple other old lampshades i have laying around…

its not going to stay home here with my kids artwork and my mini painting—but i put it there for now so i can smile at it. i will find just the right home for it. maybe my bedroom. maybe my office–it will help offset the industrial edge going on in there. who cares–its fab isn’t it!

i’ll let you know about round two another time…

i can’t tell people enough– take time to furnish your home don’t buy something just “because you need it.” make sure your stuff makes you smile. otherwise, it doesn’t belong. life is too short to wast time and energy looking and being around things that don’t make you your best!

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blogging difficulty…

i love blogs. really love them.
it is fun to look at other peoples ideas, get fresh inspiration, and the pictures… love!

so it seemed natural that if i love blogs so much i would be able to do a great one of my own??

yeah right.

i am finding this much more difficult then i thought.
don’t get me wrong, i still want to blog, i still think i have good things in my life to share.
but, i needed to regroup.

so, i took some time to stop and evaluate what i wanted in a blog.
i stopped over here to pick up a blogging calendar to keep all my thoughts together.
i picked up a little notebook to jot my thoughts down.
and i promised myself to get better with my camera (now, to just find the dumb thing :) )
all in an effort to translate my great life, kooky family, and fun house into a blog.

we shall see….

in the meantime here are some of my favorite blogs…
these are all homey stuff with cute ideas in the bungalow style i heart
some aren’t really blogs persay… but look at that yumminess! gorgeous right!

until this blog is up to snuff, enjoy some of these great ones! and hey…let me know of others you think i should check out!

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pendant lights?

we are finishing our 2 car garage into a small office/craft space for me. yeah!

i get to pick out all the lighting, flooring, all that stuff!

i am stuck on pendant lights over my work space. i just can’t decide what i want.

i love the industrial meets girly look. near my desk area i will have a rough wood work table wth a gorgeous chandelier over it. i don’t want to distract or compete from that so my pendant lighting needs to be chosen with care.

this is the chandelier…

this is fairly simple but beautiful. and i want the lighting to compliment.
so, industrial feel lights like these are an option…

or something more simplified…

or something more girly…

or something unique and crafty…

but, all of those options still seem to much. i want the lights to be pretty in themselves, but to blend away. and as they are going on a wall of windows it seems smart to have them be fairly clear and not rob the light flowing in. so i want something more like this…

but even these are off…

so, i am off on the hunt.
for the perfect light.
who knew i could look through hundreds and still not find the right one.
and i really am not terribly picky. i think?

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Terrific Tuesday!

Its promising to be a cold, snowy day.
and we have limited time this afternooon
for our weekly terrific tuesday activity.

so… what to do for limited cash.
with limited time.
without going outside.
and not spending lots on gas?

an indoor picnic?
a puzzle?
visit the library?
board game or cards?
puppy dog scavenger hunt…
(hide treats for your dog and send him and your child to find them)

we did today…

baking a giant cupcake!
oh yeah!
we used a special pan like this one…

we used yummy custard as a special filling.

add some frosting and it looked something like this…
(granted, ours isn’t quite as gorgeous, but it tasted yum!)

isn’t this cute? wouldn’t this be great for a birthday!

another successful tuesday.
although, another one that was harder on mom then everyone else.
i need a vacation.

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making a cookbook? ! ?

i have been promising my siblings a cookbook. for years.
with all the recipes they enjoy and love when they come home.
and like usual, unless i can do it all out–the best i know how–i don’t do it.
and i want to do the whole deal, pictures, stories, adaptive recipes, glossary, tips. ridiculous
something like this…

well, my sister doesn’t want to wait. she knows it may be forever.
she is begging me for a recipe book that she can use in college.
do i know recipes that are quick and easy? with only a few ingredients? for a novice?

i can’t step away from a challenge. especially with cooking.
so…a recipe book shall happen! but, i know i will have to settle on something more manageable.
so, i scoured the internet for ideas. some ideas included a 3-ring binder, photo book, pasting recipes onto notebooks, flip albums, and lots more.

i decided first to try the website i have heard so much about,
this website is supposed to take all my recipes and make me a great looking cookbook.
for cheap. well, not cheap cheap. but almost as cheap as all the materials and ink i would need to do it myself. worth a look.

  1. i went to bring my recipes over from it doesn’t work with that site. what?? strike 1. but, it does work with epicurious. that’s something…i guess.
  2. it doesn’t upload word documents (i have most of my recipes saved to my computer). i have to enter each one individually. its fair i know. i was just hoping for…??

so, i needed to decide if i wanted to go thru the trouble of entering all that information. or, if i was going to write them all out for tastebook or if i want to do it on my own word document and print my own pages. i stewed on it for a few hours. it was still friday and i wanted to do this on saturday.

i decided for my siblings, and for my first try, i would do just good enough. (i can’t believe i said that!) on top of that, i have tons of scrapbooking supplies to use. they are free. yep, free and available. nuff said.

so…i was off to search thru my stuff and see what i had and what i would want to get…

not much. that’s what. i had plenty of fun paper and decorations. and some refill pages for a 8 by 8 scrapbook.
so i decided to use a 8 by 8 scrapbook…
and started printing out recipes. some needed to be typed out. that was okay, it meant i could my own personal notes on the recipes.
then i was ready to start compiling…

change of plans. again!! went to the W-store and they don’t stock 8by8 scrapbooks.
in fact, they have a very limited supply of scrapbooking stuff at all! what?!?

so i settled for d-rings, sheet protectors, and file seperaters. i was going to put the recipes on pretty paper in each protector.
too sick of it. i just stuck those recipes in the protectors straight up, right off the printer.
my sister loves it. i hate it. i really did “just good enough”.
but it works.
i have once again beaten the superwoman syndrome, in a small way.

this is the finished project. i realize that this does not properly reflect my skill or creativity.  that’s ok, it allows me to be “hot pink” in other ways.

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watched Extreme Couponing the other night.
it made me shocked. impressed. disgusted. jealous.
mostly, inadequate.

i should be doing SOME couponing at least.
i don’t coupon. not one. hardly ever.

i didn’t even give it a passing thought. until….
the crazy lady on Extreme Couponing made me feel inadequate.
seriously, she paid like 6.00 for about 600.00 worth of groceries.

so, now it has me wondering…

how much time is needed to make a good effort?
an hour. or two?
or is this a part-time job?
don’t get me wrong, saving over 500.00 is definently equal to some part-time jobs. so for her, maybe thats the way she looks at it?

and in reality, after printing. after time. after gas going to each store.
and the storage… jeepers! extra freezer and fridges.
how much do you save? really?

so i am testing this out.
i am going to spend an extra 1/2 hour looking for coupons for my next grocery trip.
only things i buy.
only things already on sale.
and only for 1/2 hour.
lets see how good i can do….

i will report back.

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bbq time!

Terrific Tuesday!

It is expected to FINALLY hit 70 degrees here in my neck of the woods.
FINALLY! this winter lasted forever!
and a bit of a downer, snow is expected again this weekend.
but, for now….



i am thinking about bbq season and all the fun that brings!
one of my favorite parts is making things look pretty.
so in that theme i thought i would take this post to point out
some of my favorite bbq hosting tricks and tools.
and some things that are just pretty…



cooler for drinks is a must! the old washing machine works well.
other great ideas…
feeding trough, wagon lined with plastic (my personal fav), cheapo plastic buckets, large baskets lined with plastic, giant pots, aluminum garbage cans (clean),  even a …*gasp* cooler! whatever you choose, keeping your beverages cool is an essential!


do NOT forget to have a large, visible garbage can for your guests!
doing this will save you trouble later on.
AND-keep your space looking nice and neat throughout the day.
let’s face it, garbage is garbage. it can look gross.
keep the can away from the food. bees tend to hang out around the cans.
if you want to put it tucked away–make a large sign telling where it is!
in the same area as the garbage it would be kind to keep handywipes,
paper towels, and such for guests to wipe sticky fingers. 

 food display!
this is where thought must happen. if you are having a full day of entertaining
be cautious of your choices with food.
do you want to have to keep the food cool all day?
serve and then put away?
or serve food that can sit outside in simple coolers and be fine?

tables and chairs…
you need to have adequate seating for all your guests.
this can be a variety of seating. it doesn’t all have to be fancy patio sets!
i have several picnic tables throughout my yard that work great for informal uses.
to jazz it up something like this would be lovely…
notice the layered tablecloths and beautiful flowers. very pretty!
i personally just put a simple checkered tablecloth on mine 
and add some fresh flowers from the garden. simple and rustic.

how great is that!

now down to the fun part…
a hodgepodge of great and pretty ideas…

how cute is this? i can get lots of these jar cheap. too bad they don’t stack on top of each other to save space.


clever! a nice, inexpensive way to serve food! then use the pots that go with them to hold ice for your pasta salads!

i plan on using this even on my INDOOR parties!

cheap, and wow are rocks easy to find!
but the cutest part is that bucket with the note attached.
makes me want to put something in a bucket just for the note.

my ideal outdoor party would have a couple of these adorable tables scattered around on my perfectly green grass.
isn’t this beautiful

happy bbqing all! my yard is calling my name!
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